Thursday, February 28, 2013

they're baaack...

last weekend, i decided to see what the carrie diaries was all about. in case you don't know, it's a new show that's a prequel to sex and the city--it chronicles carrie bradshaw's life in high school. so, naturally, it's set in the 80's. i've never watched sex and the city, although i've always kind of wanted to, so i thought why not start watching the prequel?

it's a really good show! i'm hooked--i just got caught up with all 7 episodes that have aired so far. it's pretty much the typical teen drama {all i watch!} more ways than just the teenage angst. namely, the fashion.

every time my mom sees a new trend in a store, she'll say, "the 80's are making a comeback!". well, i never realized just how true that was. i was honestly so shocked looking at all the fashion and thinking, "ummm...hey, most of this looks like typical clothes of today!". obviously, not everything...shoulder pads? ick. but many other things. check it out:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5.

what other 80's fashion trends have you seen coming back? are you a fan of it?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

currently liking.

hello, ladies!

i hope you're all having great weeks so far. :) i have a half day today, so that's always a good thing! it's no secret we're all addicted to online shopping--today, i'm sharing a few different favorite finds of mine:

ampersand graphic sweater: i mean, let's face it: we're all obsessed with ampersands. am i right or am i right? so...this one is a no brainer.

factory enamel critter charm necklace: as much as we all love a big statement necklace, i really appreciate a low-key & simple one, as well. especially when said necklace has an adorable giraffe charm on it. what's not to love?

colorblocked heels: i wear heels maybe once a year. so, i really have no use whatsoever for these. but... i really like them. and isn't that reason enough to throw them in a blog post?

mossimo supply co maxi skirt: last year, i didn't see the appeal of maxi dresses/skirts in the slightest. i thought they were ugly. but, they've grown on me, especially the patterned skirts. i can now say i'm a converted maxi liker {i won't say lover....yet}, and i want one. preferably black + striped. hello, cuteness.

that's that for now! what are your thoughts on the things i'm currently crushing on?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

dining room love.

one of my favorite rooms in houses are the dining rooms. i  think i just kind of find them intriguing...does anyone use really them? growing up, we literally only used the dining room once a year, when we hosted thanksgiving. when a room isn't used regularly, it can kind of be kept perfectly decorated & set up. you don't have clutter getting in the way! here is my dream dining room design:

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

in case you haven't noticed, my personal style gravitates toward modern, neutral colored designs with pops of bright colors. i just love that vintage looking turquoise clock! i'm very into big, oversized wall letters {in this case, i would probably use them to spell out "eat"'s a dining room, after all!}. i'm chandelier obsessed, and i think that particular one is just gorgeous. last but not least, i was browsing on the west elm website last week and came across that adorable silverware. i love the whimsical touch...they look they tree branches!

what do you think?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

vegan chocolate mug cake.

happy monday, loves!

today, i'm sharing one of my favorite easy, quick, dessert recipes: chocolate mug cake! these are all the rage these days, but my recipe has the added bonus of being vegan! it's a nice, portion sized {so, guilt free!}, and super delicious treat. i mean, really, who doesn't like chocolate cake?


3 tbsp. flour
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. + 1 tsp. cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp oil (i used canola)
3 tablespoons milk of choice (i used almond milk)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • in a coffee mug, combine all dry ingredients. 
  • add liquid ingredients, and stir until mixed thoroughly. 
  • microwave 1 minute (+ up to 20 seconds more, depending on your microwave). 
  • sprinkle with powdered sugar (or your choice of topping--peanut butter or whipped cream are both great!) and enjoy!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

high five for friday!

hello loves!

happy friday! i'm so excited for the weekend, even though i'm not really doing anything special.  what are your plans? here is my top 5 from the week:

one. we decided to organize a potluck type thing in my spanish class. everyone brought a dish from a different country: i made baleadas {honduran}, which are pretty simple, but i finally got to make homemade tortillas! i've always wanted to, and as expected, they were delish. {side note: my friend, hannah, made a tres leches cake. oh my goodness. so good! if you've never had it, definitely try it.}

two. i finished 6 week 6 pack yesterday! i wrote a bit more about it here, but it was fabulous. it did wonders for my abs {i have the makings of a 6 pack...not quite there though}! next up is another jillian michaels: killer abs! {can you tell i'm really focused on my abs?}. also, that's how awesome i look post workout.

three. i discovered olioboard this week: it's like polyvore but for interior design! i don't even know how to describe how awesome it is for a design junkie. i could spend hours upon hours there with absolutely no problem! go check it out. :)

four. i'm a woman of many breakfasts. i switched it up again this week: greek yogurt and cereal/granola. tasty, quick, protein filled, and healthy!

five. i got these shoes at target on saturday. the only casual shoes i have are 1 pair each of toms & flats, and i really wanted some type of sneaker. the color was really out of my comfort zone, but i'm liking it!

feliz fin de semana!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

coral & leopard & chevron...oh my!

i feel like i'm stuck in a clothes rut right know, when you have nothing new, you've worn everything too many times, and it all just seems boring? so, naturally, i;m itching it go shopping! here are some things i'm currently loving:

1. skinny ankle cords. // 2. gilded arrow bangle. // 3. ona ballet flat. // 4. chevron shift dress.

i mean, let's be real: how fabulous are those cords? i am that girl {probably one of the only left on the planet} who still doesn't own a single pair of colored jeans, although i really want a pair! aside from mustard yellow *, coral is my top color pick. plus, i've recently discovered ankle pants and i'm kind of really liking the look of them, so there's another reason these are perfect.

i love arrows {ahem...check out my header.}, so i'm seriously coveting this bangle.

i've been wanting leopard flats for seemingly forever as well, but i still haven't bought them! 

last but not least: the chevron shift dress. i own a whopping 1 dress, so i would really like a few more, and this one is too perfect. hopefully it's not "out" now, because i'm still crushing on chevron as much as ever!

*i went to old navy over the weekend hoping to buy colored jeans...and i was so disappointed that they has basically nothing left! it was all 0's & 16's. i found a single pair of mustard jeans, tried them on, and i was so in love...but they {quite tragically}didn't fit right because they were short, and i'm...5'7. a sad day. 

thoughts? happy hump day! 

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

bedroom remodel dreams.

you may or may not know this about me, but interior design is a huge passion of mine. i've been interested in it since i was 10, along with fashion design. i watch every HGTV design show i can, and i'm constantly looking at furniture, decor, etc.

for the past year of so, i've really been itching to redesign my bedroom. it needs it, trust me. it's been slow going, and i haven't had a clear idea of what i really want {i keep switching color schemes!}, but i created a moodboard of what i'm loving {at the moment!} for my redesign:

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.

thoughts? i totally love it! i'm seriously obsessed with that bedding {anthro is where it's at, what can i say!}, the mirror, and both light fixtures. i love the neutrals {gray/white} as the primary color, with all the pops of my favorite orange and teal thrown in. i would love to get my bedroom looking similar to this, i just need to actually formulate a redesign plan & make it happen. easier said than done, you know?

hope your tuesday is fabulous! 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, ladies! i've been thinking it's 1-2 days earlier than it actually was all the week has felt really short to me! i hope the same goes for you. :) here is my top 5 from the week:

one. i'm a health food fanatic, but somehow, up until last weekend, i had never tried that magical superfood grain seed called quinoa {even though i'd been dying to!}.'s fantastic, as i expected, and so was the quinoa mac & cheese i made!

two. i got around to painting my gold! it was different for me, because 1. i usually use bright colors & 2. i'm much more of a silver person {or so i thought}, but i'm loving it! {+ sparkles because i always use them as my top coat. it's a no brainer.}

three. i made my sister a blog last weekend! i'm so excited she is finally a part of the blogging world. she is fantastic with all things hair & makeup, which is stuff i know is popular! check her out. :)

four. i finally discovered the picfx app. you know that fabulous bokeh people always have on their instagram photos that we all love? this app. it also does a ton of things in addition to bokeh. worth the $2, people.

five. i made {vegan} fresh strawberry cupcakes for valentines day! i created the recipe myself {it's challenging enough to find a strawberry cake recipe with real strawberries & not jello...add vegan in there? forget about it.}. i have to say, they turned out pretty good! yum.

wishing you a fab, left-over v-day chocolate filled weekend!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my weekend.

my cousin, zoey, was baptised on sunday. her baptism was in virginia, 12 hours from here. the rest of my family all made the trip up there {okay, over's not up. but up sounds nice.}. i couldn't go, so i got to have one of those rare weekends

some people might get lonely by themselves if they're used to being around people, but not me. i love being home alone.

what did i spend my weekend doing?

oh, you know, the usual.

  • cooking delish new vegan/vegetarian dinner recipes {hello, cauliflower soup + quinoa mac & cheese!}
  • watching oodles of friends {"wassup with the whack playstation wassup?"}.
  • writing blog posts + catching up on blog reading.
  • playing with my tripod + remote control shutter release & taking pictures. 
  • watching roughly a season of charmed.
  • doing a bit of organizing & cleaning.
  • eating single-serving chocolate cake in a mug {super delish}.
and yesterday...

waking up at 4:45am to workout, make breakfast, do my hair, and be totally ready by 6am, at which point i sat on my couch and watched tv + browsed the net {no one says that anymore, i know.} until 7:30, when i left. 

it was super fantastic. and yes, i know i'm the craziest person ever for loving waking up early.

as you can see, it was a wild weekend. still cleaning up beer bottles & smashed light bulbs from saturday night..


it was my idea of the perfect weekend, though; low key, quiet, similar to an 80 year old's perfect weekend.


have a fabulous tuesday! go eat some doughnuts for me. {why? because it's fat tuesday. aka the day before lent begins when you are supposed to indulge in "fat food" {traditionally doughnuts, i think} before giving up things for 6 weeks starting tomorrow. i only discovered it existed last year {after it happened}. so... i feel like i should really be participating in it. you too. i mean, 2 days in one week where the world is basically telling you to eat chocolate & sweets? take advantage, ladies.}

Monday, February 11, 2013

branching out.

when it comes to my style, what i actually wear, i am very, very classic. i wear jeans, some top from my limited collection, and my grey toms, every single day. i don't particularly mind, and i like my style for the most part, but i do definitely need & want to branch out a bit.

over the past year, i've become open to a lot more than i used to be, fashion-wise. for one, skinny are now the only kind of jeans i wear. i was formerly a bootcut only girl, and i have no idea why, because skinny jeans look a million times better {on me, at least}. i also really, really like colored jeans. i don't have a pair yet, but i'll be getting some soon and i think i might just be brave enough to actually wear them on a semi-regular basis!

another thing i've just recently started loving is tribal patterns. a year ago, i would have shuddered and said, "that is the ugliest thing i've ever seen, WHO would wear that??" upon seeing anything tribal in a store. it just wasn't me. it's become quite popular, though, and seeing many of my friends where it in different ways, mainly shirts and bags, has made me begin to like it. here are some of my favorite tribal print looks:
Gone Tribal

i think that for me & my style, it will work best as an accent. i'm in love with that bag, and since i already wear toms daily, those are super doable and fitting for me. what are your thoughts? 

happy monday!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, ladies!

i'm super excited for this weekend--i have it all to myself, home alone! it's going to be fun. anyway, more on that are my 5 favorite things from this past week:

one. last friday ended up being a snow day. no classes, no plans, just a day off. it was lovely.

two. baked oatmeal. in cupcake form {because everything is better that way!}. this has been my daily breakfast for the past month. they are healthy, delicious, quick..what's not to love? bonus: i made you a cute little recipe card. :)

three. get it? i read this and thought, "oh, haha. math people think they are so funny.!" however, i had my 2 friends read it, & both of them literally started cracking up. so, of course, i started laughing too. we were hysterically laughing for probably 2 minutes. over that corny joke. did i mention this was in the middle of a class? we have no control.

four. i got my first graze box this week! so excited! they are a fabulous company that sends boxes of healthy snacks {customized to your preferences}. you can get them as often as you want, and each box is only $5! i'm a huge health food girl, so it's absolutely perfect for me. :)

five. i somehow just discovered dave barnes this week. i'm obsessed. he's amazing. that's all. go listen to this song.

 here's to a great weekend!  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the most effective workout you'll ever do.

i am a workout fanatic.

i workout every single day, without fail. i have been since march of last year. when i first really got into working out, all i did was walk on the treadmill {yep, i love treadmills.} a few months ago, i started doing running regularly {on the treadmill} and i really stepped it up last month to where i actually ran a full 5k, the most i've ever run in my life {but again, on a treadmill... although i want to do a real race soon!}

lately i go to the gym about half the week, and workout at home the other half. what do i do at home?


i started in the beginning of december with 30 day shred. it's fabulous! there are 3 levels {the only one i ever thought was a little hard was level 3, but it got a lot easier with time!} and the workouts only take 25 minutes.

after 30 day shred, i started 6 week 6 pack. holy effectiveness.

it rocked {still is rocking} my world!

level 1 is pretty easy, in my opinion, but it really works. i just finished my 3 weeks doing level 1 and started level 2 friday. it's a lot harder, but honestly after a day i got used to it and it wasn't any harder than any of the other workouts i've done.

i keep saying it's effective, but how do i know? well, i'm getting a 6 pack. and it's the greatest feeling ever. i'm sure this sounds so weird, but i've always kind of dreamed of having a 6 pack, so it's really exciting to me!

also, this: i don't have any weight to lose, so i didn't expect to lose any, but what i am doing is losing inches. all of that muscle building in my abs {and arms, legs...everywhere!}? it has proved that saying i've never understood: that if you gain muscle, you loose inches, not fat. all i know is, one of my favorite pairs of jeans was so baggy on me yesterday they almost fell off.

i'm convinced jillian michaels has magical powers. or something along those lines. i've never had a workout dvd be so effective! girlfriend knows what she's doing. go buy all her dvd's stat!

i have 2.5 weeks of this dvd left, and i am so excited to see what else this lady can do to give me some awesome abs.

if you're in a workout rut, or you don't feel like what you're doing is giving you results, i highly recommended any one of her dvds.

{i'm pretty sure that by now, you all think jillian michaels is paying me to sing her praises on here. nope. although she should. :) but no, i'm just sharing this with you because it's amazing & i don't know a single person who isn't looking to lose weight or tone up some part of their body!}

Monday, February 4, 2013

freshly cut.

around christmas time in 2010, i got a haircut. i was a big proponent of short hair back then, so i got the usual inch or two chopped off.

i got home, though, and decided it was still too long. so, i grabbed a pair of scissors {i'm so bad! i know, i know.} and cut a little more off.

my hair looked totally fine {surprisingly, i was actually able to cut it very evenly!} but it was extremely short. like, right below my ears short. i quickly started hating it and got really jealous of people with gorgeous, long hair.

at that point, i decided to grow it out. indefinitely. i just really, really wanted it to be long.

flash forward 2 years: i grew it a pretty long length. i grew it out obsessively and hardcore-like, as is my style. meaning, i didn't have it cut AT ALL during that time. not even a trim. 2 straight years without a cut.
major bleh.
in addition to the insane split ends, 2 years without a cut also made my hair insanely boring. like, just-shoot-me-in-the-head-because-my-hair-is-terrible boring. all of it one {long} length, not a layer anywhere!

so...i finally chopped a bunch off. and got a few layers. hallelujah.

{fyi, the ombre-ish look is all instagram's doing. i'm a natural never-been-dyed blonde, i swear!}

holy instagram selfie overload. :)

it feels so short! but...i'm honestly loving my new and i'm thinking my favorite hair length {for myself} is shoulder length. i ultimately always come back to it after going short or long for a while!

happy monday, ladies!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

making a comeback!

hi...remember me??

many of you probably remember me doing a fair amount of blogging during the summer...and then kinda sorta falling of the planet around september.

well, i'm happy to announce i'm back! for good. :)

the reason i fell off the planet? nothing just got busy, i fell into a "oh my gosh what do i post about?" rut, that kind of stuff. i closed down my blog and left it down for a few months.

now, i have to be honest here: it was kind of nice to just spend my nights being "carefree", not having to worry about finding time to write posts, reply to emails, work with sponsors, etc. it really was.

but at the same time, i missed blogging! i've done it on & off for 2 years now, and i am hooked. it's just so awesome, there is no way i can stay away from it for too long!

so...yes, i'm back! starting fresh, feeling inspired, new blog design, new photos, ready to jump back into the blogging world!

i also have a few things up my sleeve that i'm really excited to share with you...stay tuned to hear more about all of that. :)

so...happy sunday, lovlies! make this week a great one. i'm so thrilled to finally be back & to share some updates with you over the week!

p.s. for you football loving ladies, enjoy your superbowl parties! i hope your team wins, since i could care less about it all. i'll be painting my nails, watching netflix, and likely working on this little blog. :)

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