Monday, February 11, 2013

branching out.

when it comes to my style, what i actually wear, i am very, very classic. i wear jeans, some top from my limited collection, and my grey toms, every single day. i don't particularly mind, and i like my style for the most part, but i do definitely need & want to branch out a bit.

over the past year, i've become open to a lot more than i used to be, fashion-wise. for one, skinny are now the only kind of jeans i wear. i was formerly a bootcut only girl, and i have no idea why, because skinny jeans look a million times better {on me, at least}. i also really, really like colored jeans. i don't have a pair yet, but i'll be getting some soon and i think i might just be brave enough to actually wear them on a semi-regular basis!

another thing i've just recently started loving is tribal patterns. a year ago, i would have shuddered and said, "that is the ugliest thing i've ever seen, WHO would wear that??" upon seeing anything tribal in a store. it just wasn't me. it's become quite popular, though, and seeing many of my friends where it in different ways, mainly shirts and bags, has made me begin to like it. here are some of my favorite tribal print looks:
Gone Tribal

i think that for me & my style, it will work best as an accent. i'm in love with that bag, and since i already wear toms daily, those are super doable and fitting for me. what are your thoughts? 

happy monday!

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