Wednesday, February 27, 2013

currently liking.

hello, ladies!

i hope you're all having great weeks so far. :) i have a half day today, so that's always a good thing! it's no secret we're all addicted to online shopping--today, i'm sharing a few different favorite finds of mine:

ampersand graphic sweater: i mean, let's face it: we're all obsessed with ampersands. am i right or am i right? so...this one is a no brainer.

factory enamel critter charm necklace: as much as we all love a big statement necklace, i really appreciate a low-key & simple one, as well. especially when said necklace has an adorable giraffe charm on it. what's not to love?

colorblocked heels: i wear heels maybe once a year. so, i really have no use whatsoever for these. but... i really like them. and isn't that reason enough to throw them in a blog post?

mossimo supply co maxi skirt: last year, i didn't see the appeal of maxi dresses/skirts in the slightest. i thought they were ugly. but, they've grown on me, especially the patterned skirts. i can now say i'm a converted maxi liker {i won't say lover....yet}, and i want one. preferably black + striped. hello, cuteness.

that's that for now! what are your thoughts on the things i'm currently crushing on?
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