Monday, February 4, 2013

freshly cut.

around christmas time in 2010, i got a haircut. i was a big proponent of short hair back then, so i got the usual inch or two chopped off.

i got home, though, and decided it was still too long. so, i grabbed a pair of scissors {i'm so bad! i know, i know.} and cut a little more off.

my hair looked totally fine {surprisingly, i was actually able to cut it very evenly!} but it was extremely short. like, right below my ears short. i quickly started hating it and got really jealous of people with gorgeous, long hair.

at that point, i decided to grow it out. indefinitely. i just really, really wanted it to be long.

flash forward 2 years: i grew it a pretty long length. i grew it out obsessively and hardcore-like, as is my style. meaning, i didn't have it cut AT ALL during that time. not even a trim. 2 straight years without a cut.
major bleh.
in addition to the insane split ends, 2 years without a cut also made my hair insanely boring. like, just-shoot-me-in-the-head-because-my-hair-is-terrible boring. all of it one {long} length, not a layer anywhere!

so...i finally chopped a bunch off. and got a few layers. hallelujah.

{fyi, the ombre-ish look is all instagram's doing. i'm a natural never-been-dyed blonde, i swear!}

holy instagram selfie overload. :)

it feels so short! but...i'm honestly loving my new and i'm thinking my favorite hair length {for myself} is shoulder length. i ultimately always come back to it after going short or long for a while!

happy monday, ladies!

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  1. The cut looks so good! I've been thinking about going shoulder length lately, but I always get scared and back out at the last minute! You're making me reconsider :)

  2. looks great! i can't pull off short hair. i did it once and it was horrible haha

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