Friday, February 8, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, ladies!

i'm super excited for this weekend--i have it all to myself, home alone! it's going to be fun. anyway, more on that are my 5 favorite things from this past week:

one. last friday ended up being a snow day. no classes, no plans, just a day off. it was lovely.

two. baked oatmeal. in cupcake form {because everything is better that way!}. this has been my daily breakfast for the past month. they are healthy, delicious, quick..what's not to love? bonus: i made you a cute little recipe card. :)

three. get it? i read this and thought, "oh, haha. math people think they are so funny.!" however, i had my 2 friends read it, & both of them literally started cracking up. so, of course, i started laughing too. we were hysterically laughing for probably 2 minutes. over that corny joke. did i mention this was in the middle of a class? we have no control.

four. i got my first graze box this week! so excited! they are a fabulous company that sends boxes of healthy snacks {customized to your preferences}. you can get them as often as you want, and each box is only $5! i'm a huge health food girl, so it's absolutely perfect for me. :)

five. i somehow just discovered dave barnes this week. i'm obsessed. he's amazing. that's all. go listen to this song.

 here's to a great weekend!  
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