Friday, February 15, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, ladies! i've been thinking it's 1-2 days earlier than it actually was all the week has felt really short to me! i hope the same goes for you. :) here is my top 5 from the week:

one. i'm a health food fanatic, but somehow, up until last weekend, i had never tried that magical superfood grain seed called quinoa {even though i'd been dying to!}.'s fantastic, as i expected, and so was the quinoa mac & cheese i made!

two. i got around to painting my gold! it was different for me, because 1. i usually use bright colors & 2. i'm much more of a silver person {or so i thought}, but i'm loving it! {+ sparkles because i always use them as my top coat. it's a no brainer.}

three. i made my sister a blog last weekend! i'm so excited she is finally a part of the blogging world. she is fantastic with all things hair & makeup, which is stuff i know is popular! check her out. :)

four. i finally discovered the picfx app. you know that fabulous bokeh people always have on their instagram photos that we all love? this app. it also does a ton of things in addition to bokeh. worth the $2, people.

five. i made {vegan} fresh strawberry cupcakes for valentines day! i created the recipe myself {it's challenging enough to find a strawberry cake recipe with real strawberries & not jello...add vegan in there? forget about it.}. i have to say, they turned out pretty good! yum.

wishing you a fab, left-over v-day chocolate filled weekend!

{linking up with lauren for high five for friday!}
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