Friday, February 22, 2013

high five for friday!

hello loves!

happy friday! i'm so excited for the weekend, even though i'm not really doing anything special.  what are your plans? here is my top 5 from the week:

one. we decided to organize a potluck type thing in my spanish class. everyone brought a dish from a different country: i made baleadas {honduran}, which are pretty simple, but i finally got to make homemade tortillas! i've always wanted to, and as expected, they were delish. {side note: my friend, hannah, made a tres leches cake. oh my goodness. so good! if you've never had it, definitely try it.}

two. i finished 6 week 6 pack yesterday! i wrote a bit more about it here, but it was fabulous. it did wonders for my abs {i have the makings of a 6 pack...not quite there though}! next up is another jillian michaels: killer abs! {can you tell i'm really focused on my abs?}. also, that's how awesome i look post workout.

three. i discovered olioboard this week: it's like polyvore but for interior design! i don't even know how to describe how awesome it is for a design junkie. i could spend hours upon hours there with absolutely no problem! go check it out. :)

four. i'm a woman of many breakfasts. i switched it up again this week: greek yogurt and cereal/granola. tasty, quick, protein filled, and healthy!

five. i got these shoes at target on saturday. the only casual shoes i have are 1 pair each of toms & flats, and i really wanted some type of sneaker. the color was really out of my comfort zone, but i'm liking it!

feliz fin de semana!

{linking up with the lovely lauren, as always, for high five for friday!}
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