Sunday, February 3, 2013

making a comeback!

hi...remember me??

many of you probably remember me doing a fair amount of blogging during the summer...and then kinda sorta falling of the planet around september.

well, i'm happy to announce i'm back! for good. :)

the reason i fell off the planet? nothing just got busy, i fell into a "oh my gosh what do i post about?" rut, that kind of stuff. i closed down my blog and left it down for a few months.

now, i have to be honest here: it was kind of nice to just spend my nights being "carefree", not having to worry about finding time to write posts, reply to emails, work with sponsors, etc. it really was.

but at the same time, i missed blogging! i've done it on & off for 2 years now, and i am hooked. it's just so awesome, there is no way i can stay away from it for too long!

so...yes, i'm back! starting fresh, feeling inspired, new blog design, new photos, ready to jump back into the blogging world!

i also have a few things up my sleeve that i'm really excited to share with you...stay tuned to hear more about all of that. :)

so...happy sunday, lovlies! make this week a great one. i'm so thrilled to finally be back & to share some updates with you over the week!

p.s. for you football loving ladies, enjoy your superbowl parties! i hope your team wins, since i could care less about it all. i'll be painting my nails, watching netflix, and likely working on this little blog. :)


  1. Yay! We're happy to have you back!

  2. YAY! So glad you are back! Missed you around these parts. Hair looks fabulous BTW!

  3. We are happy you come back. I love your remodeling ideas. Your ideas are great and cost effective. Thanks for coming back. I am looking forward to your more remodeling ideas.


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