Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my weekend.

my cousin, zoey, was baptised on sunday. her baptism was in virginia, 12 hours from here. the rest of my family all made the trip up there {okay, over there...it's not up. but up sounds nice.}. i couldn't go, so i got to have one of those rare weekends all.by.myself.

some people might get lonely by themselves if they're used to being around people, but not me. i love being home alone.

what did i spend my weekend doing?

oh, you know, the usual.

  • cooking delish new vegan/vegetarian dinner recipes {hello, cauliflower soup + quinoa mac & cheese!}
  • watching oodles of friends {"wassup with the whack playstation wassup?"}.
  • writing blog posts + catching up on blog reading.
  • playing with my tripod + remote control shutter release & taking pictures. 
  • watching roughly a season of charmed.
  • doing a bit of organizing & cleaning.
  • eating single-serving chocolate cake in a mug {super delish}.
and yesterday...

waking up at 4:45am to workout, make breakfast, do my hair, and be totally ready by 6am, at which point i sat on my couch and watched tv + browsed the net {no one says that anymore, i know.} until 7:30, when i left. 

it was super fantastic. and yes, i know i'm the craziest person ever for loving waking up early.

as you can see, it was a wild weekend. still cleaning up beer bottles & smashed light bulbs from saturday night..


it was my idea of the perfect weekend, though; low key, quiet, similar to an 80 year old's perfect weekend.


have a fabulous tuesday! go eat some doughnuts for me. {why? because it's fat tuesday. aka the day before lent begins when you are supposed to indulge in "fat food" {traditionally doughnuts, i think} before giving up things for 6 weeks starting tomorrow. i only discovered it existed last year {after it happened}. so... i feel like i should really be participating in it. you too. i mean, 2 days in one week where the world is basically telling you to eat chocolate & sweets? take advantage, ladies.}

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