Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the most effective workout you'll ever do.

i am a workout fanatic.

i workout every single day, without fail. i have been since march of last year. when i first really got into working out, all i did was walk on the treadmill {yep, i love treadmills.} a few months ago, i started doing running regularly {on the treadmill} and i really stepped it up last month to where i actually ran a full 5k, the most i've ever run in my life {but again, on a treadmill... although i want to do a real race soon!}

lately i go to the gym about half the week, and workout at home the other half. what do i do at home?


i started in the beginning of december with 30 day shred. it's fabulous! there are 3 levels {the only one i ever thought was a little hard was level 3, but it got a lot easier with time!} and the workouts only take 25 minutes.

after 30 day shred, i started 6 week 6 pack. holy effectiveness.

it rocked {still is rocking} my world!

level 1 is pretty easy, in my opinion, but it really works. i just finished my 3 weeks doing level 1 and started level 2 friday. it's a lot harder, but honestly after a day i got used to it and it wasn't any harder than any of the other workouts i've done.

i keep saying it's effective, but how do i know? well, i'm getting a 6 pack. and it's the greatest feeling ever. i'm sure this sounds so weird, but i've always kind of dreamed of having a 6 pack, so it's really exciting to me!

also, this: i don't have any weight to lose, so i didn't expect to lose any, but what i am doing is losing inches. all of that muscle building in my abs {and arms, legs...everywhere!}? it has proved that saying i've never understood: that if you gain muscle, you loose inches, not fat. all i know is, one of my favorite pairs of jeans was so baggy on me yesterday they almost fell off.

i'm convinced jillian michaels has magical powers. or something along those lines. i've never had a workout dvd be so effective! girlfriend knows what she's doing. go buy all her dvd's stat!

i have 2.5 weeks of this dvd left, and i am so excited to see what else this lady can do to give me some awesome abs.

if you're in a workout rut, or you don't feel like what you're doing is giving you results, i highly recommended any one of her dvds.

{i'm pretty sure that by now, you all think jillian michaels is paying me to sing her praises on here. nope. although she should. :) but no, i'm just sharing this with you because it's amazing & i don't know a single person who isn't looking to lose weight or tone up some part of their body!}
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