Monday, March 25, 2013

a whole lot of random.

a whole lot of random comin' at ya this morning, darlings. stick with me, okay?

first order of business, a short weekend recap. it went a little something like this: friday night, girls night out! dinner & {successful} dress shopping! saturday and sunday, zero zip nada. it was just one of those hang around the house weekends {the weather doesn't help; hello, sun, are you out there anywhere? because i haven't seen you around much.}.

you may have seen me mention my aunt's wedding a few weeks ago. her wedding kind of has a derby theme {because it's the day before the derby...i'll never get the derby craze, being a cali girl at heart. horse race? who cares? anyway...}, so she wants everyone to wear something pink and khaki/tan. i did what i do best {online shopping!} & came up with 2 outfits that i love:
opinions, please! which one is your favorite?  i absolutely love the cream top, so i'm leaning towards outfit #1, but i love the skirt on outfit #2...

i swear spanish songs are so much more catchy than english ones. anytime i hear one, the lyrics play in my head non-stop for the next few days! if you were in my head right now, you would be hearing, "pin pon es un muñeco, muy grande y jugeton, se lava la carita, con agua y con jabon." over. and. over. and. over. again. {it's from a song about hygiene for toddlers, featuring a creepy doll...check it out.}

i've still yet to do an outfit post! i want to, but usually i wear the same basic outit everday, so it's not really that exciting. however, when i am looking particularly photo-worthy, i don't have time to take pictures. why? because i literally pick out my clothes 5 minutes before leaving. i pry myself from my bed + computer at 7:30, browse through my closet, and have to be out the front door by 7:40. procrastination at it's best!

i kind of obsess over greetings to use in my posts. i know you don't have to have a greeting in every post, but it's something i like to do. in real life, i  wouldn't just walk up to you & start talking without at least a hello, so why do it on my blog? but i don't want to just say, "hey everyone!!" before every post, because it's so generic & just, well...lame. so, i try to think of creative things to say!

last thing...if i had a genie in a bottle, my first wish would be that sleep didn't exist! i hate sleeping--it takes up so much of your time, and then you're inevitably always tired, etc. i mean, how much more advanced would the world be if we didn't have to spend waste 1/3 of each day sleeping? you all think i'm crazy, i know!

that's it for today, loves! you've now had a peak at some of the random thoughts {& songs!} that go through my head throughout the week. aren't you so glad?

happy monday!

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