Wednesday, March 20, 2013

everyone's favorite.

happy wednesday, loves!

last week i showed you some of my favorite can't-have-but-really-want clothes & accessories, from j. crew. well, this week it's even better: stuff that i really-want-and-can-have! from everyone's favorite place--you know, target!

seersucker ruffle bodice dress: isn't it cute? i am such a sucker for ruffles, plus i love seersucker, and i also happen to love the spring-y gray/white basically this dress was made for me.

sleeveless peplum top: i still don't own anything peplum, but i really love this top! so cute and i just might be buying it soon.

tuxedo flat: i never would have thought these were cute just looking at the picture on the website, but after seeing them on so many other bloggers, i. am. sold. they are so gorgeous!

skinny rolled polka dot ankle pant: i officially wore my very first pair of colored jeans this week, so i guess now it's time to move to the next hurtle: patterned jeans! i am not quite ready for floral jeans, but i adore polka dots & navy blue, so i think i could handle these. :)

what are your thoughts? do you love target as much as i do? as a matter of fact, i have $90 {i think? somewhere around there...} in target giftcards from different giveaway wins, so i see myself clothes shopping in the very near future!

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