Friday, March 1, 2013

high five for friday!

happy almost weekend, loves!

i hope your week was a fast & as nice as mine! i'm definitely looking forward to this weekend--i'll be doing some shopping, some baking, some tv show watching, and probably a bunch of other things, as well. here is my top five from the week:

one. on sunday, i made homemade tagalongs! mine didn't look nearly as professional {+ i decided to only cover the tops with chocolate, because i preferred them that way}, but i promise they tasted exactly like the girl scouts' version! so easy & insanely delicious! recipe here.

two. i started watching the office! i know, soooo late to the party. i tried watching it before, but i just didn't get what was funny about it. however, i ended up watching a random season 3 episode on monday, realized it was funny, and started watching it on netflix! i can't believe i didn't like it before!

three. i discovered this fun new app due to many of my friends posting about it on instagram. poshmark is an app where you can sell {and buy} lightly worn clothes. there are some great deals on some really cute things there. i haven't done any buying/selling yet, but i'm sure i will be in the future.

four. i bought some over the weekend & discovered i enjoy them more than i thought! the perfect little snack that can sometimes satisfy my craving for sweets. {plus, try freezing them. it sounds weird, but i promise it's great.}

five. i finally jumped on the julep bandwagon! i love nail polish, and i am absolutely beyond obsessed with those 2 colors {kathleen & chelsea}!

wishing you a fabulous + relaxing weekend!

{linking up with lauren for high five for friday!}
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