Friday, March 8, 2013

high five for friday!

hello, lovelies!

i'm so thrilled it's friday! this week was a pretty easy & laid back one for me, especially since i had a mid-week break {see below}! here is my top 5 from the week:

one. i made homemade oreos on saturday! delicious & oh so similar to the real things. i also made homemade samoas, and they were beyond amazing, but somehow i let them all get eaten without ever snapping a picture! so unlike the oreo picture will have to do. :)

two. i wore my 3 stone bubble necklace for the first time this week! i'm still not sure about a huge full size bubble necklace, which makes this necklace . it was the perfect accessory to spice up my plain tan sweater! {side note: that picture makes me look either sick or unhappy, but i promise i'm neither.}

three. as i mentioned in wednesday's post, wednesday was a snow day for me! i was beyond excited to have a mid-week break and it was the perfect, relaxing, {and, surprisingly enough, quite productive} day!

four. in addition to my cookies, i tried my hand at making homemade red pepper hummus for the first time this weekend! it was awesome. recipe coming to the blog next week!

five. i absolutely love hot chocolate. i've already had it 3 times this week alone! it's especially amazing topped with homemade whipped cream {i could eat the stuff by the bowl-full. reddi-whip is no competition!}

did you notice that 3 out of 5 of my photos today were of food? let's just say this: i lead a pretty boring & repetitive life, and food is quite honestly one of the only "exciting" things i really every have to talk about! anyway, happy friday, loves! wishing you a fabulous weekend!
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