Friday, March 15, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, dears!

i've had such a great week, and it went by pretty quickly, too! i hope yours was just as great. :) i can't wait for the weekend...not sure what my plans are yet, but anytime you're off it's always a good thing, right? here is my top 5 from the week:

one. my sister let me borrow her wave iron yesterday. i'm kinda digging it! a nice change from my usual straight hair. plus, i got to feel all 80's/anna sophia robb carrie bradshaw {from the carrie diaries...not sex & the city!}.

two. samoa ice cream = awesome, as expected. plus, cappuccino chip: i don't like coffee, so i never expected to like it, but my sister picked it out so i tried it & it was absolutely delicious!

three. i finished charmed tuesday night! kinda sad. it was an amazing show!! it only took my 7 weeks to watch all 8 seasons. :) so, now i need a new netflix show to watch: suggestions, ladies! i'm thinking maybe friday night lights, since i've heard a lot about it...please give me your input!

four. this weeks breakfast has been oatmeal with peanut butter. i know it kind of sounds weird  but i've never loved oatmeal {even with tons of brown sugar!}, but i actually love it with peanut butter. i mean, you ladies have no idea how extreme my obsession with peanut butter is. i'll slather that peanut-y goodness on just about anything.

five. my mom found the documentary vegucated on netflix & told me about it because she thought it sounded up my alley. i watched it was completely awesome! it's about 3 new yorkers from different backgrounds who go on a challenge to eat vegan for 6 weeks. it's so informative about veganism & i loved hearing from the people & seeing their attitudes change! if you're remotely interested in anything like that, i highly recommend it. :)

wishing all of you a fabulous sunny weekend! xo!
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