Friday, March 22, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday!

i'm so excited the weekend is almost here! only 1 more week until my {late!} spring break! i'm going shopping with my sister later today because she needs a new dress for a dinner cruise she's going on in d.c. ...i can't wait! here is my top 5 from the week:

one. s'mores ice cream. you guys. s'mores are one of my absolute favorite desserts. if i could, i'd eat them every single day of summer. this ice cream? heaven in a bowl. better than heaven in a bowl. it's beyond delicious! even my dad, the self-proclaimed "hater of anything but full fat ice cream" loved it.

two. i bought emerald colored jeans a few weeks ago, but i had yet to wear them. st. patrick's day was the perfect time! i was unsure about them at first {not because of the color...because of the fit! fat calves & skinny jeans don't mix, girls.} however, they worked out perfectly, & i was thrilled! my very first time wearing colored jeans!

three. it's kind of been going around the blogosphere this week, but if you haven't seen it, making app icons for your blog is the new thing. i made mine! here's the tutorial if you're interested. :)

four. coffee ice cream. taste buds are crazy. i have absolutely never liked coffee or anything coffee flavored, but last week it was cappuccino ice cream, and this week...latte yogurt! i have to say, it's really good... who am i?

five. it was sunny out yesterday! such a nice change. so thrilled my favorite season is finally here! but, hello bipolar weather...we have snow in the forecast for sunday & monday! what?

here's to a fantastic weekend!
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