Friday, March 29, 2013

high five for friday!

happy, happy friday!

hmm...why the extra happy? well, my spring break officially starts this afternoon! i know, it's really late...but regardless, i'm looking forward to a whole week off! i have lots of fun plans in the works. :) but before i get ahead of myself, let's talk about this week:

one. last friday was a girls night out with my sister, mom, and aunt! we went to olive garden for dinner {my portobello ravioli's the bomb.} and then we went dress shopping for my sister for an event she's going to! we were successful, and her dress is super cute {but i don't have a picture}.

two. not 100% sure why i'm sharing this...but whatever. so, after we bought my sisters dress, we started browsing, and i kinda sorta tried on a prom dress, just for fun {obviously}. it's the most ridiculous thing ever, but i loved it! it was so cute {looked better in person!} and i also got the added confidence boost of being able to fit into the size i did!

three. i painted my nails over the's probably my fave mani to date! adoring's a metallic silver polish with the most gorgeous glitter ever {from julep}!

four. i started watching cougar town! it's funny...i'm into it! it's always been on my to-watch list, because, well, i watch shows based on the actors a lot of times, and...courteney cox! i mean, i owe it to my friends loving self {especially since i watch matthew perry's {awesome} new show, go on}.

five. yup...extreme ab close-up. don't be too weirded out, this photo is just to represent that i finished jillian michael's killer abs! absolutely loved it...did it for 5 weeks! she's the bomb dot com...don't ever let anyone tell you she's not effective. girlfriend has whipped me into shape! that kinda sorta 6 pack is all courtesy of her. and i show the picture not to be braggy, but because i've worked hard & i'm really proud of my abs {how weird is that statement??}. anyway, today i start ripped in 30!

wish you all super fantastic easter weekends!
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