Thursday, March 28, 2013

march cara box reveal!

happy thursday!

this month, i signed up for cara box for the first time. if you don't know what cara box is, it is kaitlyn @ wifessionals awesome brainchild. :) click here to learn more about it! i was really excited to get to know 2 other girls and send/get a box!

this months theme was based on the first letter of your name. it just so happens that i was paired with 2 fellow ashley's so it was all about "a" for me! i got to know 2 fantastic ladies:

Ashley @ let's get bananas-- it was so much fun getting to know ashley, and her blog is one of my favorites now! she's awesome. :) go check out her blog to see what i sent her in her cara box.

Ashley @ raising our little devilpups-- i enjoyed getting to know her just as much. she has 2 adorable kids, and she's basically the coolest. :) ashley sent me my cara box, and i couldn't have been more thrilled with everything in it! check it out:

first up: i love all things cooking and baking, so she made me these super cute recipe cards with 3 awesome vegetarian-friendly recipes! i can't wait to try the apple brownies.

lots of yummy snacks! the almond joy was devoured almost immediately, and i was really excited about the almonds, because i've been wanting to try them for a while!

nail polish! i told her about my obsession with polish, and she sent me this pretty "atomic pink"!

a fun new book to read! i love reading, and spring break is next week, so it'll be the perfect time to read it!

ashley asked me what my 3 favorite colors were, and what did she do with that information? made this cute little piece of art! i love it. so thoughtful & creative!

it was such a fun experience, and i can't wait to sign up again! highly recommend it. :) and ashley, thanks again for my awesome package!
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