Monday, March 4, 2013

my road to fitness.

last march, i decided to start exercising on a regular basis. i didn't need to lose weight {i never have, thankfully}, but i was just really sedentary, and not eating terrible, but not super healthy either.  i just decided i needed to change my lifestyle and get active, so i did.

for a long while, all i did was walk on the treadmill, at the gym or at home. it wasn't intense exercise {although i do walk at what i guess is really fast: 4.7 on a treadmill, or a 13 min. mile. that can be a running speed for some people, and it quite honestly puzzles me how!}, but it was exercise. some days i walked 5 miles, some days i only walked a mile, but the majority of days it was some where in the middle.

sometime around august, i started running. i would just run 1 mile {8 min. pace} and add that to my treadmill walking routine. gradually  i've increased my runnning, and in january i did 5k {on a treadmill, but i definitely want to sign up for an actual 5k race soon!}.
in september, i rediscovered one of my favorite workout dvds from a few years ago: hip hop abs. i love it! i started doing that pretty regularly, but there are only 2 levels, and by november i was bored to tears with it. i got so used to it i didn't even break a sweat anymore! enter: jillian michaels.

i started in december with 30 day shred, then i did 6 week 6 pack, and just over a week ago i started killer abs. i absolutely love jillian michaels, i think she's incredibly effective, and eventually i'll probably cycle through every single one of her workout dvd's {i wrote more about that here}!

when i started doing workout dvd's was when i really started seeing the benefits of my workouts. 6 week 6 pack made me so thrilled, because it really gave my a 6 pack {or, at least the beginnings of one}, something i've always wanted body wise. all of my walking/running has given me gigantic, insanely muscular calves, which i don't love {i can't fit into some skinny jeans because my calves are too big!}, but i reason that at least it's all muscle and not fat.
{yes, i'm showing you my abs & legs. don't ask me why.}

despite my calves, i can honestly say i love working out! it makes me feel good about myself. aside from maybe 5 days, i've worked out everyday for a year, and it's been great. my weight hasn't changed, aside from maybe fluctuating a few pounds, but i never expected it to. i know i've lost inches in my waist, because i can tell from the way things fit, but i don't keep measurements.

the bottom line is this: i workout to be healthy. not to lose weight or for any other reason. contrary to what some may believe, every. single. person. out there, no matter if they've been skinny their entire lives, like me, or they have some weight to lose, needs to exercise. we all need to be healthy and stay healthy! i take my health seriously, and i love getting fit!

i commend you if you've read this entire {likely boring to you} post. i'm very passionate about fitness, and you can expect to see some workout tips & motivation posts in the future! until then, get out there, find that exercise that you love, and DO IT! you won't regret it.
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