Tuesday, March 26, 2013

veganism/vegetarianism: part 3!

hi loves!

over the past 2 weeks, i've shared parts 1 & 2 of this series. now, it's time for the final installment! today will be all about recipes and resources for vegans and vegetarians.

eating as a vegetarian is really very easy! you can  still eat almost all classic, everyday foods everyone else eats, simply by omitting the meat. for example, i love to make spaghetti with marinara sauce, cheese lasagna/ravioli/manicotti, eggplant parmesan, bean burritos, tacos, cheese enchiladas, chili with beans, mac & cheese, veggie pot pie, cheese/veggie pizza, etc. if the meat is a vital part of the dish, you can also replace the meat with a  vegetable, like mushrooms,zucchini, squash, or sweet potato, a bean, or even something like tofu/tempeh/seitan {however, don't be alarmed--while those "meat substitutes" are an option, you definitely don't have to eat them. i never use them, and i get by more than fine!}. for example, love meatballs? make them out of lentils {it's good, i promise}!

there are billions of great food blogs out there with vegetarian/vegan recipes. here are some of my favorites:

you don't even have to look on specifically vegetarian blogs--almost all food blogs have at least some vegetarian recipes! my personal favorite food blog is annie's eats, and she has some insanely delicious ones. so do how sweet eats & eat yourself skinny!

top vegetarian favorites: 
black bean burgers.  {a staple...i  make them at least once a week!}


oh she glows.
also, be sure to check out finding vegan {it's foodgawker, but everything is vegan! they have the best of the best vegan-wise on their site.}

top vegan favorites:


any of the blogs i've mentioned above offer dessert recipes, naturally. however, there are some blogs that focus mainly on desserts, and it's only fair of me to link you to them as well! my two favorites are:


both of them are completely vegan! 

top {vegan} dessert favorites:

i mentioned this in my high five for friday post last week, but if you’re interested in learning more about the why & how of going vegan {or even just vegetarian}, i can’t recommend vegucated enough! the documentary is fantastic & oh-so-informative {you can watch it on netflix streaming!}, and the website is full of information and delicious recipes as well. they also have 2 newsletters, which i’ve found very interesting and also highly recommend! here is a list of links to books, apps, brands, etc. to help you learn more!

veg news magazine is also a fantastic resource for not only recipes, info, etc. but also news about what is going on all around the world pertaining to veganism! 
i doubt any of you are going to jump on the vegetarian/vegan train just because you read my posts, but i hope you’ll at least be inspired to learn more about it all. and even if you’re perfectly happy being a meat lover, i hope you’ll maybe try to at least incorporate 1 awesome meatless dish a week into your diet {or even just try something meatless as a one time thing--you have to start somewhere!}. it’s healthy for you! :)

wishing you all a very happy tuesday!
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