Thursday, March 14, 2013

vegetarianism/veganism: part 1!

hi lovelies!

maybe it's strange, but i love hearing about the way other people eat. if your on a diet, or doing a cleanse, or just want to show what your typical day in food is like, i'm interested. maybe all of you could care less, but i thought i'd share about my own diet today. you may know that i'm a vegetarian, and today i'm sharing kind of "my story", about why. this post got looong quickly, so i decided to break it up into a series of sorts. today, my story. next week, my thoughts on both diets, some more information, etc. there may even be a third post, i'm not sure just yet. so, here we go:

first, just a 2 quick definitions, because i realize a lot of people are not so sure about what veganism & vegetarianism really are, what the differences are, etc.

for as long as i can remember, ever since i was a little girl, i've had a hatred of meat. i can distinctly remember telling all my friends in kindergarten {yes, at age 5!} that I was a vegetarian, and my best friends mom always made sure to have meatless food for me.

i’ve never liked any kind of meat in my life, so vegetarianism has always been a goal for me. however, my parents were never on board with it, because they didn't think i could get enough protein, and so i was forced to choke down chicken or beef nightly {and i do mean forced: i would always complain, & usually stuff the meat in a paper towel to trash or sometimes give it to my sister who would eat it for me. when my parents would occasionally catch me in that act, they’d force me to eat it, and i would bawl. once, when they were trying to make me eat 1 or 2 bites of stew meat, i literally sat at the kitchen table all night, bawling at first and then being silent, until bed time. i'm one stubborn person, i tell ya.}.

sometime, probably in early middle school, i discovered what veganism was. i was interested in it, but since my parents wouldn't even let me be a vegetarian, i knew it was a diet i wouldn't be venturing into anytime soon. i've never liked the taste of eggs, so i never ate them straight-up {i'll tell you all the story of the nathan's egg breakfast sandwich another day. it involves me throwing a tantrum, and, surprise, surprise, bawling. i swear i wasn't as bratty as this post makes me out to be!} but I always used them in baking, because, well.. that's what you do.

eggs became more and more creepy to me as time went on–their size, their looks, their smell, to where i didn't even want to bake with them. they are so repulsing to me! i can barely be around them to this day. anyway, i discovered that you could, in fact, bake without eggs, and it changed my life for the better. my parents were still often annoyed that i wouldn't just use eggs and that i tried to veganize everything, but i didn’t care.

finally, i guess after realizing that after 10+ years, my goal of being a vegetarian/vegan and my hatred of meat would never be going away, my parents kind of gave up fighting it when i was 15ish and i became a vegetarian. today, i’m what is known as a lacto-vegetarian –a vegetarian that doesn't eat meat or eggs, but does eat dairy products. i love my almond milk though, and really the only dairy i still eat regularly is cheese & yogurt {oh, and ice cream!}. it's my ultimate goal to be a vegan at some point in the future!

almost all of my baking is vegan, and i make plenty of delicious vegan/vegetarian dinners {which i'm excited to share with you soon!}. i absolutely love to cook and bake more than anything else, and i love learning more about the world of vegan food.

if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to leave a comment & i'll answer you! check back next thursday for my thoughts on veganism & vegetarianism, the meat industry, some more resources, etc.  until then, have great day all of you carnivores & herbivores alike. :)
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