Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend update.

i never really write posts about my weekends, because honestly there isn't usually anything to say! i'm a very boring person and usually my weekends are the same ol' same ol'.  however, this weekend was actually quite busy, so i decided to be adventurous and write a whole post about it for a change. :)
my nails match my shirt! so minty. :)
friday night, my sister went to a pink concert with my aunt. since they knew we weren't doing anything {i'm never doing anything!}, my grandparents invited my mom & i out to dinner with them. we went to red was fun! even though i know they're just frozen veggie burger patties, red robin seriously has the greatest gardenburgers. plus, we got salted caramel milkshakes. can you say most insanely delicious thing in the world?

saturday was a pretty normal day: lot's of cooking! i made homemade wheat thins--i've always loved wheat thins, and these tasted just like the real thing + the recipe made a ton! i originally made them to go with red pepper hummus, but i never got the chance to make that. regardless, i haven't been able to stop eating the crackers...i'm a sucker for anything salty! so good.

for dinner, i made this:

i found it on pinterest earlier in the week, and it was one of those recipes where as soon as i saw it i knew i had to make it pronto! so, i did just that. it was soooo good! i just love quinoa. :) everyone else was unsure about my so-called "crazy vegetarian food", but everyone loved it, even my sister's friend who told me she was extremely picky!

on sunday, my family + my grandparents + my aunt & cousin all went to see oz: the great and powerful. i really had no desire to go, but i ended up going and, to my surprise, i actually liked it! it was really a good movie, and it's not even my normal taste movie-wise.
after the movie, all of us went back to my grandparents' house for dinner. we ate lasagna {our classic family favorite meal--my grandma's is the best!}. it was so nice getting together for a family dinner! we don't do it enough. :)

my grandma bought this cake from kroger for dessert: it was called neapolitan, but there was absolutely no chocolate so it made no sense. it was yellow cake with strawberry whipped cream frosting. the frosting was kind of insane: can you see the middle of that cake?? i would say it was at least 2/3 frosting, but it was delicious!

i'm sure it still sounds pretty boring to you, but that was my weekend! i enjoyed it. :) how was your weekend? wishing you all a fabulous monday!

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