Monday, April 8, 2013

back in the saddle again!

happy monday lovelies!

it's that sad "i-really-don't-want-to-go-back-but-i-have-to" monday after spring break for me. i guess now it's just time to begin the countdown to summer, right? it begins next month...that thought will keep me going!

my weekend was pretty laid back. i spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen, and i have 3 yummy recipes to share with you soon {one coming tomorrow}! other than that, i worked out, watched more ringer on netflix, and that's about as exciting as things got. i'm just a party animal, i tell ya.

me, circa friday night. with my  lovely falling out half pontail/half bun.
anyway...since my 2 sentence weekend recap doesn't exactly constitute a whole post, i'm going to leave you with some randomness i've been wanting to share with you. i have a whole list of random little things i want to tell you about..i might just make it a weekly monday thing. ;)

  • you know the song breathe by anna nalick, right? my sister and i love that song. we both know all of the lyrics by heart. i don't even know what we love about it so much...but you better believe anytime it's on the radio, i sing out loud {& i may or may not be belting it out right now!}. somehow, my mom doesn't know a single lyric or even really like it {crazy!}. 
  • this was my email of the day from the vegucated "be vegan within a month" newsletter on friday {don't mind that awkward "daily nugget"!}. can i get a hallelujah? you kids know my crazy love for peanut butter...if this wasn't true, no way i could ever be vegan!

  • i talk in hashtags with my sister sometimes. we'll literally say the word "hashtag" and then whatever the hashtag is. it's like verbal tweeting! also, i always have this urge to use hashtags in blog posts. i mean, i know they're really just for twitter/instagram, but they're addicting!
  • i made cookies on saturday. i burned 500 calories at the gym, so of course i need cookies afterwards! they were delicious. and it's possible i told myself i would just eat 2, and then...ahem...i ate all my gym calories back {& them some!}. oops!
that's it for today. have a wonderful start to the week!
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