Friday, April 12, 2013

high five for friday!

feliz viernes, ladies!

it's friday! woohoo! i survived my first week back from spring break--but really, it wasn't a bad week at all! it was great...take a look:

1. i went to the gym on saturday! you might be confused--while i do workout everyday, i do it at home & i haven't been to the gym since mid-january! but i finally got back {i'll be honest...i had a little "gym fever"..yes, it's a thing!} & got a great workout in!

2. it has been 70-something degrees all week. i'm in heaven! the flip-flops are in full force, so obviously this flip-flop fanatic couldn't be happier.

3.{disclaimer: i know i seem to watch a tv show a week...but i keep watching shows with only 1 season, so what can you expect?} i watched the first {& only} season of ringer over the week! i hadn't heard of it, but it has the same basic plot line as the lying game, so i watched it. it's so good! i can't understand why it got cancelled last year!

4. i eat pretzels on the regular. however, i mixed it up this week with some butter pretzels...aka pretzels 2.0! they are even more delicious, because, well...they taste buttery! and all the nutrition info is still the same as with regular pretzels, so why not?

5. last week, i won a giveaway for a brittany fuson print! i looked at all of her gorgeous prints for so long {girlfriend has talent!} before finally narrowing it down to this one! i totally love it and can't wait to frame it & get it up on my wall!

ciao belle! wishing you all the best of weekends!

*p.s. spanish hello & italian goodbye...look at me in all of my trilingual-ness! ...not. 
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