Friday, April 19, 2013

high five for friday!

hi ladies!

happy friday! i am soooo excited it's finally the end of the week! i can't wait for this weekend, just to have some time to relax, catch up on things {particularly blogging...i majorly slacked on posts this week, but i'm strangely okay with it. next week i'll be back 110%!}, go shopping, and do some cooking/baking! my week felt kind of long, but it was really a great week:

1. avocados were 10 for $ we {3 people} kinda sorta bought 10 and made a gigantic bowl of guacamole! i beyond adore guacamole, though, so it's totally fine with me! i've been enjoying it all week {strangely enough, more so with carrots than with chips! healthy snacking, kids. it's a yummy combo!}

2. i finally made it to target and got this adorable notebook! half the blogging population owns it, so i'm being a total follower, but i don't care. :)

3. i watched life of pi on saturday! i never had any desire whatsoever to see it, but my parents rented it and i ended up just watching it. to my surprise, i really liked it! it was definitely a great movie.

4. my grandparents invited me over for dinner on tuesday, and let me just say: my grandma knows how to do dessert right: strawberry shortcake! we totally did it up with big slices of cake, lots of ice cream, and some whipped cream. not the healthiest, but such a delicious treat!

5. this ice cream = the bomb. i have no clue what the "technical" definition is, but it's like coffee ice cream + cookies & cream combined. it's amazing!

p.s. although it would appear all i ate this week was tons of sugar & junk, that's not the case! aside from the dessert, i've actually been really healthy this week & consistently sticking to my calories limit. plus, you all know by now that i get my exercise on with jillian every single day, religiously!

wishing all of you the best & longest-feeling weekends {because we all know they go by lightning quick}!
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