Friday, April 26, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday ladies!

i seriously could not be more excited for the weekend {even though i have a paper to right about a topic i don't understand at.all...ugh. please wish me luck!}. this week has been insanely busy, and it's really only going to get worse...but, on the bright side, summer begins next month! you better believe i'm just hanging in there & counting down the days. anyway, my 5 favorite things from the week:

1. blueberry pancakes for dinner on saturday. my favorite {& the one perk of eating at the most un-vegetarian friendly restaurant e.v.e.r...yes, i'm looking at you, cracker barrel.}

2. i finally found something appropriately pink to wear to my aunt's wedding, which is a week from today! i love the polka dots. :)

3. i finished my 4 weeks of ripped in 30 yesterday! woohoo! and...instead of a picture of the dvd case or something, you get awkward pictures of my body! they are probably not impressive to you whatsoever, but i am SO impressed with my arm muscles {there's actual muscle there! it freaked me out originally, being so used to my weak arms.}

4. finally tried larabars this week...i'm obsessed. i'm already plotting how i'm going to eventually try every single flavor. they're going to be regulars in my pantry. plus, you can't beat the all natural 2-9 ingredients! 

5. i officially found a new show to watch...make it or break it! i'm loving it so far. :)

wishing you all the most fabulous of weekends! xo!
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