Friday, April 5, 2013

high five for friday!

happy friday, crazy kids!

i call my sister crazy kid all the time. and...travis said it on a cougar town episode i watched yesterday. so it's officially mainstream. anyway, {how did i just get so off topic so fast?} this week was the best because it was my spring break! of course, it flew by way too fast, & i'm definitely not ready for it to be almost over, but it was a lot of fun! now to start looking forward to summer. :) here's a little spring break recap:

1. i had a goal of doing a ton of baking this week, and that definitely happened! for easter breakfast, i made cinnamon roll scones {recipe coming!} & for dessert, i made a bunny shaped carrot cake. throughout the week, i also made this amazing chocolate cake with peanut butter glaze & these {healthy!} chocolate chip banana bread cookies. it was a winning week in the kitchen. :)

2. my favorite part of spring break has been my perfect mornings! i wish every day could be like this. waking up at 6:30 or 7:00, getting in my early workout {there is just nothing better!}, & then eating breakfast in my sunshine filled kitchen. perfection.

3. i hadn't really even heard of this show, but i saw it on netflix and thought, "what the heck?". guys. i watched the entire first season in less than 48 hours. i am obsessed. it's the best show! go watch it!

4. things got all crafty up in here on tuesday...i made a lightbox! i promise it looks a whole lot better in person. :) i can't wait to use it and hopefully take some great photos...i adore natural light, but it {sadly} isn't always available!

5. my grandma mailed us a box of these insanely good chocolates she makes! they are filled with caramel and a pecan {these also look better in person!}. the chocolate is some special chocolate from peru, which is where my grandma's best friend is from. i don't really know specifics, i just know they're the bomb!

now go off and have a fabulous weekend! xo!
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