Wednesday, April 10, 2013

loving lately.

hi loves!

happy wednesday! today, i'm sharing just a few things i'm currently loving:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4.

1. this one is self explanatory  unless this is your first time around these parts, you know how absolutely made for me this tank top is! i have to have it. :)

2. we studied robert rauschenberg in my class on monday, and i loved every bit of it! the man's artwork is definitely my style. i loved all of the combines {art term} and i especially loved this "collage" of his! it's so pretty.

3. i bought a $10 hard shell case for my ipad back in august. it's been amazing, so strong & protective! however, i may have dropped my ipad on the hardwood kitchen floor not once, but twice this weekend, and unfortunately my little case is so broken up it won't even stay on my ipad anymore. so, time for a new case! this one from pencil shavings studio is absolutely adorable!

4. i officially stuffed my trusty toms in the closet yesterday...hopefully until fall! i absolutely live in flip-flops during the summer, but i'm also thinking a nice cute pair of sandals would be good to have. i've seen a few friends wearing these sandals, and well...i'm being a copycat because they're just too cute not to!

it's the half-way point! hope all of you are having fantastic weeks so far! xo!

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