Friday, May 17, 2013

a dose of random.

hi loves!

happy friday! so excited for this weekend, as always... also, i somehow just could not think of 5 things from my week to tell you about for my usual high 5 for friday, so i'm just going to tell you random things in bullet point style like so:
oh. my. gosh. you guys. i've been a cake batter ice cream lover for my entire life-- i've been ordering cake batter ice cream from cold stone since the ripe old age of 6. i just have a mild {read: EXTREME} obsession with it! so back to business: the ice cream tastes like cake. and then there are sprinkles. and then there are CAKE PIECES. it is my new ultimate favorite ice cream. it's heaven. i proclaimed all of this the entire time i was eating it. {can you tell how unnaturally excited it makes me?}

it's all over instagram, so i started doing the squat challenge. i'm half way through it so far and loving it! and i'm doing them with just body weight, so i'm already planning to do a squat challenge 2.0  using weights after i finish this one!

speaking of squatting ..i sat at an extremely overcrowded table at lunch yesterday. i had less than an inch of space on the end of a bench. so i was literally squatting with my right leg (and half my left leg...) for 20 minutes straight. not the most comfy, but at least it was good exercise. :)

random selfie from this weekend...but i love it because i feel like it makes me look a little more adult-like. it's ridiculous being perpetually a preteen. everyone thinks i'm 12! because 12 year olds drive cars.... i have so many examples, but here is one from last weekend:

at costco, i grab a sample of chocolate covered pretzels off a tray. the lady looks up at me and says, "where are your parents?"
i'm shocked. i fumble around with my words and say, "ummm...umm..." a lot.
she proceeds to ask me how old i am. i tell her. she apparently doesn't hear me, so she asks again, "how old?" i tell her, and she give me the most incredulous i-absolutely-do-not-believe-you look i've ever seen in my life.
finally, she hesitantly say, "okay..." and let's me go.
and the pretzels weren't even good.

the official "you can grab a sample without your mommy and daddy" age is supposedly 13 {which is think is entirely to high in the first place...but that's for another post}, so obviously the lady thought i was 12. i know looking young when you are 40 is great, but when everyone mistakes you for 12 it's just frustrating and upsetting.

i've decided i want to get into running. outdoor running {which is kind of a big deal for me because i'll pound out an 8 minute mile on the treadmill any day, but i h.a.t.e running outside. sidenote: i'm so surprised that it's the opposite for most people! how?}. anyway, i need shoe recommendations! what are your favorite running shoes? i'm headed out shopping this afternoon to get some!

and...i think that's enough pointless rambling for today. also, i'm really hoping to get back to posting more regularly + more substantial posts in the next week or two! the beauty of summer. wishing you all fabulous weekends! xo!
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