Wednesday, May 1, 2013

april foodie pen pals!

hi ladies!

i'm pretty sure it's no secret how much of a "foodie" i am--food is basically my life {dramatic, but quite true}. so, it seemed like a no-brainer to sign up for foodie pen pals, hosted by the lovely lindsay at the lean green bean! it was my first time participating, it was so much fun!

i was sent a package by a lovely {non-blogging!} lady named nicole. she sent me an email to get all of my food likes/dislikes, restrictions, and anything i wanted to try {how thoughtful is that last one?}. here is what she sent me:

 snapea crisps & {everything} pretzel crisps
 dates  & sugared kiwi slices
über bars

it was seriously the most perfect package ever for me! full of healthy snack foods, which is kind of what i told nicole i would love. the kiwi slices are so addictive...i'm kind of obsessed with them, and i only wish they weren't from her local farmers market so i could buy some more! i've seen snapea crisps around a lot lately, and i can see what all the hype is about. yummy!

i told nicole i would love to try them, so she was nice enough to send me all of those über bars...they were delicious! and on the larabar note, i plan on using those dates to make some homemade larabars!

i've already signed up for next months foodie pen's seriously so much fun and a great way to try new foods. you can find all of the information about signing up on lindsay's blog! if you'd like to see what other people were sent in their boxes, the april reveal link-up is here. :)

wishing you all a great day!
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