Friday, May 3, 2013

high five for friday!

happy happy friday, lovelies!

i  am so excited for this weekend! it's going to be incredibly fun & busy, oh and not to mention one other thing {see #1 below}...

1. it's a 3 day weekend for me! yay!  yep, i'm off today! {the selfie is totally random & unrelated, in case you were wondering.} and why am i off? well, because it's the day before the derby {aka oaks day}. when you live in louisville, the entire city basically goes insane shuts down for the derby. i'll admit, i do not get it whatsoever {i'm from cali!}. but, any excuse for a day off!
2. i've been eating lots of salads lately. yum! salad is the best {and btw, roasted chickpeas for protein is where it's at!}
3. and then...when i didn't eat salad, i ate pancakes for dinner. what can i say, sometimes you just want breakfast at 6pm. my favorite banana oat pancakes, topped with peanut butter & the other half of the banana {pancakes only use 1/2}.
4. i spent a ton of time over the weekend with this little cutie {my cousin, lily}! i mean, seriously. check her out with her little diaper bag & baby! the rest of the family worked on putting together her new pink minnie mouse bedroom, while i hung out with her and colored, played kitchen, and ran laps around the house. :)
5. dinner at my grandparents house last night! they made steak but my grandma was nice enough to buy me boca burgers {she said she had to search all the aisles in the store to find them! even the employee apparently didn't know what/where they were? but now her granddaughter has a supply of vegan burgers in her freezer.}. oh, and mashed potatoes also happened. :)

wishing you all the best of weekends, ladies! my aunt's wedding {derby themed, of course...}, which you've probably seen me mention, is tonight! and then my uncles cinco de mayo birthday party is sunday. i'm making lemon cupcakes and i'm really excited about it. xo!
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