Friday, May 24, 2013

high five for friday!

happy happy friday, ladies!

another week down! and a 3 day weekend...woohoo! normally weeks go by fast to me, but this one dragged on for some was a great week, though! see for yourself:
1. fro yo last friday night! i was soooo excited because unlike the rest of the population {who seem to eat it at least weekly!}, i've only ever had it once & it was a year ago. true story. needless to say, it was the bomb. cake batter fro yo {i talked about the cake batter obsession last week} + oreos & strawberries.

2. after fro yo, i also stopped in at earth fare {think whole foods, but quite a bit smaller}. i was on cloud 9 and kinda sorta having a health-food-lover-girl freak out. i browsed for a ridiculous amount of time, and it was heaven. of course, i picked up a few things, including edamame, which i can't believe i hadn't tried before! i love it, and it's a fab protein source that made it's way onto all 3 salads i ate this week.

3. baby birds! there is a nest under our deck and the birds came out of their nest on sunday! they were so cute and since they were babies, they could only fly about 2 feet high, which is how we were able to get so close to them and take pictures!

4. my last jillian michaels dvd purchase came with a free subscription for fitness magazine. heck yes! my first issues came yesterday, & i can't wait to read it. {p.s. being the jillian fanatic i am, i bought another dvd of hers yesterday, and it came with another free subscription. i obviously don't need 2, so if any of you would like it, let me know & it's yours! first to leave a comment about it gets it. and it is actually free- no gimmicks. they don't ever ask you for a credit card or anything!}

5. i've tried many a protein bar. these are the ultimate.they are absolutely delicious, protein packed {20g!!}, and the best part: NO sugar! how awesome is that? they seriously taste great & aren't filled with craziness either. :)

i have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me...what are your plans? wishing you all the best tres dia fin de semama!
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